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Molotow 127HS-EF (Extra Fine) 1mm

Molotow 127HS-EF (Extra Fine) 1mm

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1 mm tip, paint marker- The 127HS high solid Pump Marker has a patented capillary system for optimized color flow, tightness and tip-handling. Featuring the Pumpmaster™ -valve and mixing balls.They have a removable 1 mm ' Crossover ' tip that can be interchanged with 1mm,1.5mm 2mm. The 127HS-EF is the smallest pump marker worldwide! One4All™. Paint quality for nearly all applications and surfaces.


• 1 mm crossover tip – exchangeable
• acrylic-based hybrid paint /
 dilutable with water or acetone
• patented capillary technology
• Flowmaster™ pump valve / mixing balls
• high-tight cap with rolling stop
• refillable with all ONE4ALLTM Refills
• mixing balls
• highly covering and UV-restistant
• for nearly all surfaces / materials
• indoor and outdoor use
• Weight: 14,5 g
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