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Full Bleed: New York City Skateboard Photography

Full Bleed: New York City Skateboard Photography

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About the Book

The shots in Full Bleed span 30 years, with contributions from over 40 photographers. This tenth anniversary edition is a comprehensive overview of one of the most diverse and rich skating locations in the world, bringing together legendary skaters and iconic photographers.

Book Synopsis

"This book is dedicated to those that kept skating alive. It is a testament to the perseverance and talents of a rare breed, the ones that kept at it against all odds and paved the way for generations to come." - Tony Hawk

FULL BLEED: New York City Skateboard Photography captures over 40 years of skateboarding in New York City with seminal work from 90 legendary photographers. The new 10th Anniversay Edition of FULL BLEED features an extra 96 pages of photography and a new foreword from skatebording icon Tony Hawk.

Featuring the work of: Spike Jonze, Larry Clark, Willaim Strobeck, Ed Templeton, Atiba Jefferson, Neck Face, Alex Corporan, Kenneth Cappello, Charlie Samuels, Patrick O'Dell, Tobin Yelland, Jessica Bard, Ted Newsome, Zephyr, Ivory Serra and more.

The skaters in FULL BLEED include Kids star and late skateboarding hero Harold Hunter, the original Supreme skate team, "the godfather of modern street skateboarding" Mark Gonzales, Jason Dill, the late Dylan Rieder, Kareem Campbell, Keith Hufnagel, Zoo York co-founder Rodney Smith, Andy Kessler, Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids, The Wire), Mike Vallely and Alex Corporan. From unknown teenage skaters to trailblazers like Jaime Reyes and a double-page spread taken during the filming of KIDS in Washington Square Park.

FULL BLEED was edited by Ivory Serra, Andre Razo and Alex Corporan.

Alex is a pro-skateboarder, photographer and native New Yorker. In the mid-90s Alex managed Supreme's first skate shop for 10 years when it was their only location. Supreme would go on to become a two billion-dollar streetwear brand. Around the same time Alex appeared as himself in Larry Clark's 1995 cult classic film Kids. Larry would later contribute photos to FULL BLEED. Today Alex is revered as the virtuosic photographer, skateboarder and curator who co-created, then updated the only truly definitive, essential photobook of New York City skateboarding - the scene that shook youth culture, fashion, streetwear, film, music and art.

"Captures the beautiful grit of New York City's skateboard culture" - GQ

"The photographs take us to hotspots like Brooklyn Banks and introduce the characters who would personify and capture a culture." - The New Yorker


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